Health Nutrients Rich Snacks That You Can Take Anytime


Regular snacking is important to an active and healthy lifestyle. Fitness friendly snacks must be delicious, balanced, and quick to satisfy your nutrition and exercise needs, and hectic schedule. Active women must plan to take snacks in the 200-to 100- calorie range, whereas active men might require a bit more and bear in mind, you might need to eat approximately 2 snacks in a day between meals to sustain your energy levels stable all day long.

Savory Snack Dip

Hummus delivers a pleasing combo of healthy fat and protein from tahini (ground sesame seeds) and beans. Chickpeas are occupied with iron, fiber, and a variety of B vitamins, including foliate for good cell formation. Make a big batch of hummus near the beginning of the week and enjoy with fiber-filled whole grain pita chips or nutrient-rich fresh veggies for dipping.

Fruit And Yogurt

10653739_848575045182969_2991042092876844771_nFresh fruit gives carbohydrates for fast energy. Orange, kiwi fruit, and pineapple are packed with vitamin C, an excellent nutrient for connective tissue and joints that also have antioxidant properties.  Almonds and yogurt add protein as well as healthy fat to form this fruit salad fully delicious.

Portable Snack Mix                    

A mix of pretzels, cereal, spices, and crackers is fully occupied with energy-boosting carbohydrates. Experiment with a plethora of spices to create your own signature flavors. Have a few handfuls together with a piece of fruit prior to a workout, or combine with a protein-rich string cheese following a workout.

Fresh and Light Salad

A simple salad makes an ideal mini-meal. Navy beans are a good source of magnesium and green beans are low in calories, which are excellent for bone health and muscle building. Vitamins A and C from a dust of calcium-rich cheese and fresh vegetables add up to a nutritious and tasty snack that won’t leave you seeking for the nearest vending machine.

High-Energy Muffins

These quick, easy muffins create a guilt-free sugary treat. Peanut butter substitutes a few of the regular butter for a muffin with additional heart-healthy unsaturated fat. Form a batch and freeze up them. Take it out in the morning and it will melt in time for an afternoon snack.

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