Buried in snow with the kids? Uncover some family tradition


In order to embrace the holiday spirit, here’s a family activity you can do with your own: DIY Family Tree.

Winter break is coming and the last thing you want is to have a house full of bored kids. A great activity that will not only keep them busy for a while, but also bring out their curious nature is to draw a family tree. The idea is for ┬áthe tree to be a means of communication between you and your kids; a teaching tool for them to get to know more about their background and ancestors. By the end of the activity, the tree itself will become a secondary thing, and you will have spent some serious family quality time, trading fun stories about family members, developing a real sense of family worth. Who knows? You might even learn a thing or two as well. The key of the activity is to encourage the kids (or any family memeber who’d like to join in the activity) to ask questions and experience the need to know more about where they came from and how they relate to those stories. ┬áSince family comes always first, we should all first know our history.

So, what do you think ?