Delicious And Tempting Cakes That You Must Try


Cakes are the easiest and tastiest desserts to please everyone. In past times, fried bread was considered as the best dessert and was served as a cake. Nowadays, the bakeries are occupied with creative varieties varying from sponge cakes to cheesecakes. The practice of the birthday cake is as old as the Ancient Romans. The word ‘cake’ is originated from the Middle English word “kake”.  Be it as a celebration dessert or a teatime treat, cakes have been a favorite dessert for all times.


Stick your fingers in the fluffiest and gooey cakes ever.  Here are our some of the best cake recipes which everyone must try.

  • LamingtonsLamington is a kind of cake inherent to Australia. Vanilla essence sponge cake sliced into cubes, dipped in a loaded chocolate sauce and rolled in dried coconut.
  • Flourless Chocolate CakeAre you scared of baking? Here is an incredibly easy and simple recipe with merely 5 ingredients. It is not made of flour, but tastes scrumptious. Covered with chopped almonds this one is a crowd pleaser.
  • Chocolate Lava CakeThe yummy choco-lava cake recipe is made with 5 ingredients. The stream of molten chocolate as you cut a slice makes it so tempting that you cannot say “NO” all.
  • Eggless Atta CakeNuts, cinnamon, yogurt, and all these things make this a great tea treat. If you think cakes cannot be healthy, then this egg-less atta cake recipe with good-for-you ingredients.
  • Gluten Free Chocolate CakeGluten free chocolate cake is for all the chocoholics. It is a tempting cake formed with ground almonds as well as dark chocolate, and is covered in a thick chocolate ganache. You can easily bake it in the pressure or can cook it in an oven.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter CakeChocolate Peanut Butter cake is an eggless treat with no sweat. The nutty aroma of peanut butter along with the crunch of chocolate flakes makes it an amazing combination.
  • Coffee Cake with Mocha FrostingGet your caffeine fixed with this Coffee Cake with Mocha Frosting recipe. A delightfully clammy cake covered with an extreme coffee flavor and wrapped with a smooth coffee and dark chocolate frosting.

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