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4thJuly,Let’s Celebrate It In The President Way!!!

4th July is the day when whole of the nation will be coloured white, blue and red preparing to celebrate its 239th year of freedom, the Independence Day. The struggle for freedom started in 1775, New England. The Declaration of Independence was first published on July 4, 1776. The first public reading of the Declaration […]

Try Indo Chinese Recipe of chili Gobi or Chili cauliflower at your home

You can hardly find any people who do not like to enjoy tasty food at home. We always crave for homemade food. Homemade food is unique in taste and it is always made with the special love and care of your dear mom or your dear wife. Today we will learn how to make chili […]

What Makes Organic Meat a Preferred Choice?

More and more people are showing their bent towards organic meat and this is evident from the stocks available at online stores. The question here is why people prefer organic meat and poultry to conventional foods. Well, people prefer to buy organic meat because they consider it healthier. In fact, anything that is labeled organic […]

Things to Consider While Buying Seafood from Online Store in New York

Whether you are organizing a party or having a treat with your family, you can always enjoy seafood, which is easily available at online stores in New York. Your guests will surely enjoy fish, shrimps, fillets, and other seafoods, as it will offer them a change from meat and poultry. Mostly people eat seafood at […]

Make Peach Melba Cheese cake And Surprise Your Guests

Make Peach Melba Cheesecake in your party and surprise your guests with your delicious and yummy cake. Ingredients 100g butter, melted, plus a little extra for the tin 600g soft cheese 200g crunchy biscuits 2 tsp vanilla extract 100g icing sugar, plus extra to taste 300ml pot double cream 3 ripe peaches, peeled them off […]

Yummy And Healthy Breakfast Recipes That You Can Prepare In Less Than 5 Minutes

A breakfast is the most vital meal of the day, but many people usually skip it because of time restrictions. Well, now there is no need to miss out your meal, as you can prepare a healthy, easy, quick, and a scrumptious breakfast within few minutes. There are many easy breakfast recipes, which you can […]

Make Tasty, Delicious, And Healthy Desserts For Your Kids

Occasionally, children deserve a treat, and desserts will definitely please them, every time they are offered to kids. These desserts cover the range from chocolaty to fruity and everything that comes between. Coconut Banana Pikelets, and Berry Smoothie Ice-Block are 3 recipes that you can prepare quickly and can serve to your kids. These are […]

Vegetarian And Healthy Soups And Stews Recipes for Everyone

Everybody wants to be healthier, and this is the major reason why people go vegan or vegetarian. But being a healthy vegan or vegetarian is not easy. You must include scrumptious and nutritional soups and stews in your diet. They are not only easy to cook, but are prepared in a few minutes. Whether you […]

Make a milkshake in two shakes

You know how we love Milkshakes at TEM. This time around we bring you a fun recipe to make a Strawberry & Cream Milkshake in 2 shakes!