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The process of freezing food preserves it from the time it is readied to the time it is eaten. Since times early, agriculturists, anglers, and trappers have saved their amusement and produce in unheated structures amid the winter season. Freezing of food reduces the speed of the process of decay lingering dampness into ice, restraining […]

Celebrate Christmas with Theeasymarket.com

With Christmas just around the corner, everybody thinks of having fun time followed with season of parties, get to have some quality time followed by completing the long pending demands of loved ones. theeasymarket.com, leading online grocery store, understands the rush and  excitement you may be having for making everything prim and proper. If you […]

Relish The True Essence Of Tropical Fruits With Theeasymarket.com

Who can deny the health benefits and joy of having tropical fruits such as Pineapple, Guava, Banana, Custard apple, Coconut and so on. Surf the internet and you will be amazed with the kind of health benefits we can avail from tropical fruits. Amongst the most liked tropical fruits, Pineapple tops the chart. But there […]

Celebrate Gratitude And Blessing like Never Before With Theasymarket.com

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.- William Arthur Wards While quoting these words, William Arthur Wards the renowned American writer was focussing on the gratitude. The world would have been more beautiful had we practice gratitude in our daily life.  But everything cannot […]

“Why I choose theeasymarket.com for my grocery needs”

E-commerce has spread its roots in almost every corner whether its lifestyle products, tourism and travel to name a few. For a long period, the concept of online grocery shopping was linked with young brigade. But now, even elderly people are also getting inclined towards the trend of online shopping for their needs. For the […]

A Brief Overview of a Leading Online Grocery Store in New York – The Easy Market

Gone are the days when people visit stores physically to fulfill their grocery needs. It is 21st century, and you need notgo anywhere to purchase fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Just get an internet connection, and find a wide range of online grocery stores in New York and other cities across the country. You should […]

Health Benefits Of Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits grow in tropical or sub tropical climates and come from some of the warmest parts of the world. Apart from being delicious, they are high in nutritional value and offer a number of health benefits. Let’s take a look at how some of the popular tropical fruits improve your health. Pineapple – Pineapples […]

Frozen Pizzas Are Quick, Easy, & Downright Tasty

In recent times, the food sector has witnessed several technological developments to meet the increasing consumer demand for convenient food products. Frozen pizza, which is perhaps the most commonly purchased item in the food stores of America, has maintained it’s market share despite the changing nature of the processed food industry. The popularity of this […]

2 Easily Prepared Recipes To Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity has become a major problem nowadays, and many people fail to reduce their body weight even by following a strict diet. So, what is the reason that they are unable to get fit, slim bodies? The reason is the lack of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, […]

Easy Ways to Get Fresh Vegetables

Eating healthy does not mean that you avoid food you love. Or start imposing dietary limitations, which can make you thin. But, it means that you should incorporate vital nutrients that are necessary for your body. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, potassium, fiber, and other nutrients that keep the body fit and healthy. Buy fresh […]

4 Breakfast Recipes for Easy Weight Loss !!

Losing weight, shredding extra fat is not an easy process. You have to avoid all your bad eating habits if you want to get in shape. A healthy, low fat diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals easily. Eat lots of fibers, proteins, and carbohydrates, which not only help you enhance metabolism rate, […]

How to Prepare Tasty Egg Muffins ?

Egg Muffin is an easily prepared healthy, tasty recipe that you can enjoy during breakfast or dinner. These gluten free muffins are rich in protein that is best before or after a workout session. They are soft and dense, and you can add various vegetables as per your taste. You can keep them in the […]

Preparing Fresh Fruit Salad: 4 Easy Steps

Eating fruit salad is an easy way to promote a healthy lifestyle. No cooking involved, the pots and pans, and you can make a fresh fruit salad within 20 minutes. Fruit salad is considered as the most favorite dessert all over the world because of the taste it provides. One of the main reasons why […]

Three Must-Try Strawberry Recipes

Sweet, juicy, and succulent, Strawberry is one the fruits that can be enjoyed raw, grilled, frozen, as well as baked. When it comes to being innovative with this delicious fruit, well the possibilities are endless. If you love strawberries, given below are some must-try recipes for you. To make sure these recipes turn out as […]


Miraculous Wonder food

  When you say wonderfood, the first thing that comes in mind is fresh fruit and vegetables. Check internet and you will come across a whole list of wonder food, which is good enough to confuse our mind. This post from theeasymarket.com is an effort to make that information handy and include only the best […]

Numerous Health Benefits of Eating Fruits

Everyone wants to look younger and healthier. For this, it is necessary to take appropriate amounts of nutrients, proteins and vitamins on a daily basis. Fruits are considered as the basic part of one’s life. People who eat fresh fruits daily have a reduced risk of chronic diseases and lead a healthy life. According to […]

Delicious Banana Recipes You Must Try This Summer Season

Banana is considered among the most nutritious fruits, which mostly contains sugars, including fructose, glucose and sucrose. It is a good source of energy that gives immediate as well as more prolonged boosts. There is a wide range of health benefits of banana such as stronger bones, healthy kidneys, improved blood pressure, reduce chances of […]

A Brief IntroductionAbout Dairy Products

To have a healthy body, it is necessary to eat a diet containing proteins, calcium, fats, carbohydrates, and phosphorus. Among the many food groups, dairy is considered as the most important one. Dairy products contain all the nutrients that help making the bones stronger and the body fit.   Other than this, these products are […]

2 Delicious Pineapple Recipes

Pineapple, a popular tropical fruit, is loaded with many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for promoting a healthy lifestyle. It has digestive health benefits and anti-cancer properties, and contains bromelain. Bromelain is the name of an enzyme that helps improving digestion, avoiding illness and other diseases. So, buy this tropical fruit online and improve […]

Super awesome snacks within 100 calories!!!

That hunger craving for something sweet at night or a crispy snack in the evening seems to be irresistible. It is almost impossible to say ‘no’ to a little serving of a favorite snack or dessert after meal. Well we, at Grocery store NewYork  care for you and have compiled a list of snacks within […]